Things to write…roles

October 15, 2009

What do you think the role of the teacher is?  I think the operative words are to be flexible, open to change and willing to always be a learner.  Without these qualities teachers would miss important learning opportunities for themselves and their students.  Does it differ if you’re in a classroom or online?  I don’t know that the basic role of the teacher necessarily changes between online and in-room class sessions — the teacher still must be flexible, open to change, and always willing to learn — but I do know that the work load is far greater with online classes than with in-room classes.  Since communication is the foundation for online participation and learning, there is just far more to read and keep up with when instructing an online class.  The teacher can set the parameters (due dates, test, etc.) to help manage the content but the student is still allowed a greater amount of autonomy in an online class.   So, what is the relationship between teacher and learner?  In the book Kearsley discusses engagement theory — I think this theory when applied to the role between teacher and student, defines the relationship. I now from personal experience that if a professor reaches out and communicates on a continual basis, I’m more likely to keep up with my work and reading.

Is the role of the teacher imposed upon you?  Or does it arise from within?  For me, the role arises from within.  The reason being that I love to learn and I love to share what I learn — it is just innate for me.


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