Role of the student, teacher’s pet…

October 10, 2009

The role for the student is diverse; they are learners, collaborators, facilitators and even teachers.

I don’t have a classroom, so in terms of a know it all I can only speak from having class with them.  Generally, they have been over-achievers who have an interest in what they were learning; and they actually influenced and encouraged other students to “keep up.”  I read some of the other blogs and found it interesting how there were actually different types of “know it alls” — something that I had not considered.

In terms of teachers pet it is just a part of humanity.  We all have favorite people, therefore, I’m not sure why a teacher should be exempt from this.  The goal should  be more of monitoring the transference between teacher and student.  As a teacher are you giving this student privileges that you are not giving other students?

In terms of front row and back row dynamics online communication is key. As an instructor, staying in direct communication seems like it would be the most important.  Even though it’s online with a group of other classmates, getting and email note from the instructor always makes me feel like I’m participating affectively.


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