Course design and objectives

September 22, 2009

multimedia_slideshowOne of the main goals of online instruction is to have students participate and interact successfully — instructor involvement is a strong factor affecting this participation/interaction, as well as instructor feedback.  Therefore, the better the instructor is at utilizing the tools in their toolbox, the better the course design will be.  Does this mean as an instructor you have to use every available ‘tool’ in circulation?  No.  We learned in Chapter 3 that email, the most basic element of online education, can provide excellent interaction among teachers and students and meet the basic goal of a successful online course.  But if multimedia is added then the course design is expanded.

There is a theory in psychology called “good enough parenting” – meaning that a parent adapts as needed to the changing child as it ages.  Apply this to online education and we get that the instructor adapts to the changing needs of its students (which is essentially what Kearsley is saying in the book) — whether that be student’s needs are meet with just an email course design or with multimedia course design (Web, Blackboard, FTP’s, groupware, etc.) it is the good instructor who is aware of their student’s needs.


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