September 17, 2009

Working in higher ed, every time I blink it seems  that there is some new form of lecture-ware (multi-media); in the last week I have attended meetings via iChat and Microsoft Live Meeting.  I’m not sure that one application is better than the next, but what I appreciate is that I can have meetings and a transfer of ideas with people from different countries in realtime without stepping foot out of my office.  I think this is a tremendous asset to my professional career – and can see it being a benefit to the educational classroom in connecting classrooms, gaining access to the best minds and expanding knowledge.

The technology has grown tremendously in the past decade — how has it changed?  I remember in undergrad taking a biology class where teleconferencing was used — the professor was at one university teaching the class and I was at another university participating in the class.  It was a bit cumbersome technologically — each participating university had to have a telecom unit (for audio) and a video camera that linked to a satellite.  However, today, my computer has a built-in camera and microphone; I just log in to the software on my computer; and I’m ready to communicate with others.

(This paper was interesting and discusses the application of Multimedia in Geographic Education http://krygier.owu.edu/krygier_html/e2paper.html)


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