Breathe Blackboard

September 17, 2009

This week technical difficulties with Blackboard have caused me the most angst. I spent a good deal of time writing a thread for the discussion board only to have it disappear when I hit save — I tried to go “back” but alas I wasn’t able to salvage anything. I also had the same difficulty with another posting, but was smart enough to write it in Word and copy/paste into thread.

Another issue I encountered was when taking a test on Blackboard this week – this was 100% my error.  The test was a match-the-definition with the correct word and some how I managed to have the correct answer on my paper version of the test, but accidently entered the incorrect answer on the electronic test; I even double-checked my work!  I was furious with myself because of this error — instead of a perfect score I received 18 points (out of 20 points).  Just goes to show that technology is wonderful but at times expressionsit’s only as good as the person utilizing it.

The link issue with Morehead didn’t cause me any grief fortunately.


One Response to “Breathe Blackboard”

  1. ffrasure Says:

    You make a good point…it’s also only as good as the person who created it and whether it’s continually updated. That’s an issue we might have to consider when using certain programs in our classroom.

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