Advanced Toolbox

September 17, 2009

When I think about constructing my advanced toolbox I think of it in terms of:  How do we make education relevant? One way is through utilizing technology.  How do we utilize technology?  By utilizing multimedia to create content, organize documents,  provide assistance, etc.  What are some ways I would use multimedia?

1.  Web sites — One of my favorite web sites to utilize in the classroom and out is  I probably spend at least 8-hours a week on this site listening to lectures and gaining access to information that up until now I would have had to either be at an ivy-league university or paying conference fees to attend the event — much less being able to distribute the information to students!

2. Streaming audio/video (media) —  real-time or on demand distribution of audio, video, and multimedia on the Internet.  One of the ways I use this is to listen to specific radio programs that my local station does not carry and to subscribe to iTunes U –  a collection of free educational media available to anyone who can download iTunes (free software).

3. Teleconferencing — whether it be Skype or another program, realtime video (conferences) is a good way to keep students “in their seat” but allow for interaction and an exchange of ideas.


One Response to “Advanced Toolbox”

  1. angelamc87 Says:

    I too have watched a couple of lectures on That is a very unique and intersting website. I fellow coworker told me about it. You can find just about anything on it.

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