Skype, skype, skype, skype

September 16, 2009

skype_logoSkype is everywhere!!!  From “Oprah” to Who Wants To Be A Millionare?” to the Chinese Government… everytime I turn on my television, it would seem that everyone is using Skype — except me.  I’m sure you’re probably tired of reading this, but I’m a MAC; iChat has provided me the capability to do all of the things Skype [evidently] does, for years now, so I just haven’t gotten around to trying Skype out.  I’m not likely to use it any time soon, however, it does intrigue me a bit because the software is free and you can communicate with anyone else who also has the software for video chats — iChat limits you to those people with specific IM accounts (Yahoo, Mac, AIM).  My parents are computer illiterate and I have tired for a year to get them to acquire an AIM so that we could chat; but for some reason they just have a mental block and get caught on the registration process.  The way I figure is if Oprah can do it anyone can do it.  So prehaps I’ll suggest this to them.

Oh, another aspect of Skype is that you can make telephone calls to regular phone lines/cell phones — but there is a cost associated with it.


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