September 16, 2009

campusclipMUD, MUSH, MOO:  How can these spaces be used for teaching and learning?
These spaces can be utilized in education in many different ways:

— Teachers, students, administrators, etc. can connect simultaneously to a server where they interact and collaborate within rooms exchanging pertinent information about objects, other students/teachers/administration.
—  Asynchronous communication allows for independence of time and place requirements, ease of peer communication, promotion of thoughtful discussion, facilitation of student collaborative projects, online submission of assignments and file sharing, and the potential to actively involve students in the production of learning tools that might include internal e-mail, newsgroups, newspapers, tutorial rooms.

A good example would be the Teacher Professional Development Institute, or TAPPED IN.  It is a shared teacher professional development workplace patterned after a real-world conference center. Teachers with diverse interests, backgrounds, and skills can share experiences, engage in mentoring and collaborative work, or simply meet their colleagues. Through the creation of rooms, organizations can maintain their own agendas (e.g.,institutes and workshops), while enabling their teachers to benefit from a range of expertise, ideas, and resources that no one organization could provide by itself.


2 Responses to “MUD, MUSH, MOO”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Irony abounds.

    TappedIn used to be a MOO but it’s not any more. It’s a custom application that was developed after a few years of running LambdaMOO. Technically TappedIn is none of these, but it has some of the functionality that you describe.

  2. ahsiladraw Says:

    That’s really interesting.

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