3D Worlds

September 16, 2009

I’ve been a member of SecondLife (SL)for about two years; although, it has been about a year since I actually logged into the site.  What a dramatic difference.  From the tremendous growth of SL  (even though I did hear a short report on the radio a week or so ago saying because of Twitter and Facebook people are not using SL as much as in the past) to the tremendous leaps in graphic technology I was impressed at the changes.  I flew around SL for about three hours (and yes I said flying) my first day back using the site.  I checked out Science Friday, because it was one of my original groups; I wanted to compare-contrast the changes.  The information was essentially the same but the world was amazing — a theatre for attending the show on Friday’s; billboards with science information; links to Nobel Prize winners; etc. Another item of note, is that it would seem that the monetary aspect (buying land, making clothes, etc.) has become significantly different — people are actually making a living on the site (http://www.chickjunk.com/make-money-in-second-life/).  I did have to download some new software; it took less than a minute.  The one frustrating aspect was that controls are geared toward PC’s — the software works on a MAC but you just don’t have all the same functions as with a PC.

Personally, I am not a fan of simulations, I become bored — why would I want to simulate a life when I can live one?  185px-Second_Life_logo.svgIf I can’t gain something intellectually I lose interest quickly, and I have no desire to feed or sleep an avatar.  But with SL there appears (from the map) to be enough to keep me interested for a while.

I also checked out ActiveWorld, but it is Windows based — I’m a MAC.  I tried to download the software and run it on Parallels, but it crashed every time.  Oddessey was Internet Explorer supported only, so I had the same problems trying to run it on Parallels as well.


One Response to “3D Worlds”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Actually all the same functions are there. They’re just not exactly where you’d expect.

    And you discovered the main problem with both ActiveWorlds and Oddyssey (a Blaxxun Contact proprietary system that runs in a web browser). They’re not cross platform and as such represent dead end technologies.

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