Breathe: MOOing and MUDing

September 10, 2009

I have spent some considerable time on the Lost Library of MOO web site over the past few days – it was overwhelming at first – reading all the different acronyms and trying to determine what they meant.  My favorite definition was for MOO; “MOO stands for MUD.” If I had not read Chapter 3 in Kearsley (pg 32-33) about MOOs/MUDs, I would have been even more overwhelmed.  Evidently, I have been using MUDs/MOOs for years and just didn’t realize that is what they were called.  I vaguely recall, in my early internet years playing a “dungeon and dragon” style game like the book described, so that would mean that I have actually been using MUDs/MOOs for about 18 years. geodome


One Response to “Breathe: MOOing and MUDing”

  1. Nathan Says:

    MUD’s are great tools.

    I *really* want to do a reading intervention study using a MUD. I’m afraid they’ll be gone before I can get an IRB approved. 🙂

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