Basic toolbox

September 10, 2009

imagesMy basic, bare minimum, distance education toolbox would consist of:
 (Dr. Lowell has said that a computer with Internet access is a given…) We could stretch this “bare minimum” thought a bit further — although a bit frustrating due to the size of the screen — my iPhone can actually do most of the work that my computer does right now. Just last week I downloaded and application to my phone that sends me Blackboard updates. The drawback would be in word processing; trying to type a paper would prove futile at this juncture.
 Secure email – would be utilized to provide interaction between teacher and students; allow for transferring of documents/files (homework assignments, lecture notes, syllabi, etc.).

  The basic distance education toolbox would also contain a web-based groupware programs or curriculum development and management application — I think they’re fantastic. They make life as a student and instructor more manageable because everything is in one location and organized by intuitive categories.  Through these programs you can email, have a discussion board, transfer files, create test & grade them, post materials — such as PDF’s or PowerPoint Presentations — create calendars and post pertinent announcements to those participating in the class or an entire school.  Some of the programs have the ability to create web conferences to conduct live meetings, trainings and presentations or attend them from another source (such as another school district or a national educational association).    The advantage of these types of programs allow instructors to personalize education for each class or for an entire school or school district and through these programs students create a sense of community by interacting more and utilizing technology that is in their every day life.


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