Science Friday on NPR

August 23, 2009

If you didn’t catch “Science Friday” yesterday, you might want to check it out.  It’s discussion was about bridging the gap between scientist and the general public, but it focused heavily on internet as a tool to educate.  Here’s the information the program discussed, who the guest expert was and the link to the pod cast:

Is the rift finally closing between scientists and the general public? Sheril Kirshenbaum, co-author of the book Unscientific America, discusses the challenges of communicating science and engineering, what scientists can do to help, and why it especially matters today. Teachers, find more information about using Science Friday as a classroom resource in the Kids’ Connection.


Sheril Kirshenbaum 
Co-Author,” Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future
Research Associate
Duke University Durham, NC


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